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This season is full of bold, oversized floral prints and one of the most popular, making an appearance in many of the rooms, mostly in the form of wallpaper. But wallpaper is not the only way to embrace this fantastically feminine finish in your home. Modern floral prints can be introduced in the way of art prints, cushions, rugs and even statement furniture pieces like bedheads. Add classical and industrial elements for a potent decorating mix. Place leggy furniture and shapely objects against a repeating pattern to please the eye.  Mix old and new when decorating with florals. Industrial materials and architectural elements balance the sweetness of flowers. Keep floral arrangements simple.Metallic touches give a room the Midas touch. Cultivate a cohesive look by taking a couple of colours from the wallpaper and carrying them through to furnishings and accessories.

My choice: Cole & Son, Zoffany at style library, Graham & Brown, Harlequin, Ellie Cashman Design.